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Bogoff  ~

Originating in 1946, Bogoff jewelry was designed by Henry Bogoff and produced by the Spear Novelty Co.  Bogoff pieces are known for their sophistication and grace with excellent construction, rhodium plating, and high quality stones.  Production ended sometime after 1970.  You'll find one of the largest selections of Bogoff jewelry of any site on this page.  For that reason, pieces have been grouped by type and individual matching pieces are cross-linked for your convenience.  Enjoy!

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Sapphire Blue Floral Parure

One of the earliest Bogoff designs, this delightful choker, bracelet and clip earring set features a string of flowers created with sapphire blue rhinestones and crystal rhinestone centers.  Mild finish wear on the back seen under magnification.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1946 ad
Necklace: 15 by 5/8"; Bracelet: 7" long; Earrings: 1 by ¾"



Deep Red Geometric Necklace & Bracelet

The same design as the 'Blues in the Night' pieces, this stunning set features deep red and crystal rhinestones for a dramatic and festive look.  The dimensional design is so clever with the octagon stones set in rhodium plated settings.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1953 ad.
Necklace: adjusts to 15½", 5/8" wide; Bracelet: 7¼"



Amethyst Brickwork Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

Slinky and sinuous to wear, this stunning parure is composed of amethyst and light amethyst baguette rhinestones in a striking brickwork pattern.  Rhodium plated; clip earrings; fabulous condition.  Note: color variations in the photos are reflections.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 3/8" wide; Bracelet: 6¾ by ½"; Earrings: 1 by ½"



Aurora Borealis Snowflake Brooch & Earrings

These snowflakes (or flowers) are truly dazzling with the aurora borealis rhinestones providing a rainbow of colors in the rhodium plated settings.  Earrings are clips.  Exceptional condition. Marked: Bogoff
Brooch: 2¼” diam.; Earrings: 1½” diam.



Red Oval Rhinestone Necklace & Earrings

The elegant design of this choker and clip earring set features deep red oval stones seeming to portray flower buds that peek out from rhinestone adorned stems.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 15½", 1¼" drop; Earrings: 7/8 by ¾"



Amethyst Rhinestone Angular Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

The angles of this fun design, created by wedge shaped portions that form triangles and chevrons, are even more dramatic with the deep amethyst colored rhinestones.  Rhodium plated.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 1¼" drop; Bracelet: 7 by 5/8"; Earrings: 7/8 by 7/8"



Teardrop Rhinestone Paisley Necklace & Earrings

The curving links of this charming necklace and clip earring set look like paisleys with centers of teardrop shaped rhinestones.  There are lots of baguettes and pavé stones for sparkle and an open, flowing motif.  This is an unusual design for Bogoff.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adj. to 15½”, 1½” drop; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



Deep Red Primrose Necklace & Earrings

Filled with deep red (siam) rhinestones, this charming necklace and clip earring set looks more like flowers than four-leaf clovers.  They could also represent dogwood or primroses.  Rhodium plating; excellent condition. Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 15½", 1" drop; Earrings: ¾" diam.



Purple Infinity Necklace & Bracelet

This stunning necklace and bracelet set alternates large purple navette rhinestones with curved pavé links shaped like the infinity symbol.  It's timeless and elegant.  For continuity, the bracelet clasp is cleverly hidden beneath a navette.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 5/8" wide; Bracelet: 7½ by 5/8"



Pear Dangle Necklace & Earrings

This opulent necklace and clip earring set is fit for a queen with those large pear shape stones dangling from lacy pavé sections.  Much bolder than most Bogoff designs.  Note: slight aging to the pear stones on the earrings is reflected in the price.  Marked: Bogoff
Click here to see the 1949 ad for a similar set.
Necklace: 15½", 2½" drop; Earrings: 1¼" long



Peridot Rhinestone Necklace & Bracelet

The simplicity of this glowing choker and bracelet is what gives them the ‘real look’.  Peridot octagon rhinestones are linked in rhodium plated settings.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 14¾ by ¼”; bracelet: 7¼ by ¼”



Sapphire 'Radiance' Necklace & Earrings

This style was named 'Radiance' and in this necklace and screw-back earring set the montana sapphire and crystal rhinestones create an elegant real-look ensemble.  Rhodium plated; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1953 ad
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 1½" drop; Earrings: 1½ by 7/8"



Black Diamond Snowflake Brooch & Earrings

This brooch and clip earring set has an understated elegance with clustered 'black diamond' or smoke navettes and rhinestones creating a snowflake design. See items SG218 and SG228 for matching pieces.  Marked: Bogoff
Brooch: 2¼" diam.; Earrings: 1½" diam.



Icy Crystal Squares Necklace & Earrings

Geometric and dazzling, this necklace and clip earring set features large square rhinestones flanked with round rhinestones.  The curvature of the earrings is wonderful when worn.  Exceptional condition; ca. 1952.  See item SG177 for the smaller earrings.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone Jewelry, 3rd Ed, p. 352, Click here for the ad of the style in topaz color.
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 5/8" wide; Earrings: 1 1/8 by ¾"



Amethyst Swirl Necklace & Earrings

The S-shaped swirling links of this necklace and screw-back earring set have amethyst oval rhinestones nestling in them.  Settings are rhodium plated; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16"; Earrings: 7/8 by ½"



Blue Navette Star Brooch & Earrings

This dazzling star brooch and screw-back earring set uses large navettes for a stunning effect.  The lovely combination of light sapphire and crystal gives the set an element of surprise.  Exceptional condition; rhodium plating.  Marked: Bogoff
Brooch: 2¼" diam.; Earrings: 1 by 5/8"



Red Garland Necklace & Earrings

The delicate design of this choker and clip earring set is given drama from the deep ruby red stones, mostly small baguettes creating the tops of the swags or garlands.  The flirtatious swirl of the earrings echoes the motif.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: Ref: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 261
Necklace: 15½", ¾" wide; Earrings: 1 3/8 by 7/8"



Purple Fan Choker & Earrings

A lovely contrast of crystal rhinestones and amethyst colored stones lends drama to this unusual choker and clip earring set.  The rhinestone chain has amethyst baguettes alternating with rhinestones.  Rhodium plated settings.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1952 ad [matching brooch]
Necklace: 15", 1½" drop; Earrings: 7/8"



Sky Blue Geometric Necklace & Earrings

Art Deco inspired, this architectural set features light sapphire blue rectangular stones flanked by pavé sections.  The links of the necklace are slightly domed and drape nicely.  Clip earrings; rhodium plating.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 5/8" wide; Earrings: 1 1/8 by ½"



Elegant Orchid Brooch & Earrings

This rare design is elegance personified and resembles platinum and dazzling diamonds of various shapes. The brooch depicts a stylized orchid with the screw-back dangle earrings matching the orchid petals.  Marked: Bogoff
Brooch: 2¼ by 2¼"; Earrings: 1¾ by 7/8"



Blue Aurora Borealis Navette Necklace & Earrings

This necklace and clip earring set is an exceptional design - the swirl of each link is dimensional, studded with baguettes and cradles the light blue aurora borealis navettes.  It's very fluid and fun.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 5/8" wide; Earrings: 1¼ by ¾"



Peridot Rhinestone Necklace & Earrings

This choker and clip earring set is especially eye-catching because of the peridot colored octagon rhinestones, an unusual color for Bogoff.  The crystal rhinestones surround and overlay them and the earrings curve delightfully up the ear.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 15¾" 2" drop; Earrings: 1½ by 1"



Pearl Floral Necklace & Earrings

The theme is floral with this feminine and lovely set.  The necklace contains a bouquet of rhinestone flowers with faux pearl centers.  Dangle clip earrings also have the articulated flower.  Rhodium plated, excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16½", 2" drop; Earrings: 1 5/8 by 1"



Emerald Green Stars Choker & Earrings

Radiant stars are the central focus of this choker and clip earring set.  The points of the stars are created by emerald green tear drop rhinestones with pavé accents, and these pieces will light up the night.  Rhodium plated; push clasp on choker.   Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace: 15" long, 1" wide; Earrings: 1" diam.



Alexandrite Lacy Bracelet & Earrings

With a classic lacy motif, this enchanting bracelet and screw-back earring set uses magical simulated alexandrite stones with rhinestone accents.  The square alexandrite rhinestones change from lavender to pale blue depending on the light source.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Bracelet: 7¼ by 5/8"; Earrings: 1 by 1"



"Sea Spray" Starfish Brooch & Earrings

Part of the 1953 "Sea Spray" series, this luscious set combines simulated pearls with rhinestones in an open, lacy design.  The earrings are screw back style.   Marked:  Bogoff
Click here to see the vintage ad.
Brooch: 2½" diam, Earrings: 1" diam.



Faux Pearl Angular Bracelet & Earrings

Lustrous simulated pearls are sprinkled among the angular segments of this lovely bracelet and clip earring set.  Each segment is filled with sparkling rhinestones and resembles the pointed end of a gift ribbon.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Bracelet:7½ by ¾"; Earrings: 1 3/8 by 7/8"



Pavé Loops & Faux Rubies Necklace & Earrings

Suspended below deep ruby red rhinestones, the pavéd loops provide a lovely contrast in this radiant necklace and dangle clip earring set.  Note: price reflects replacement of the traditional Bogoff clasp by a prior owner.  Your choice: quick and easy hook clasp (shown here) or spring-ring clasp.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: extends to 15½", ¾" wide; Earrings: 1¾ by ½"



Swirls & Dangles Necklace & Earrings

Reminiscent of the Edwardian styles of 1900-1910, this intricate necklace and clip earring set features pavéd swirls ringed with baguettes.  The long dangles of the necklace give it grace and movement.  Necklace has a push clasp and safety chain.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 16½" long, 3" drop; Earrings: 1" diam.



Black Cabochon Necklace & Earrings

This necklace and screw-back earring set has an understated elegance and bewitching appearance.  Rhinestones sparkle among the oval black cabochons in rhodium plated settings.  Excellent condition; black and silver presentation box is included.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", ½" wide; Earrings: 7/8" diam.



Bogoff Pink Squares Set

Deco inspired, this necklace and clip earring set has the look of the pieces from about 1920, yet that quality 1950s Bogoff construction.  The large square pink stones are dramatic, yet feminine.  Rhinestone chain may have been replaced at some time.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 18", 1" drop, Earrings: ¾ by ¾"



Sapphire Art Deco Revival Necklace & Earrings

This choker and screw-back earring set is a lovely blend of geometric and curvy elements.  The real look is attained with rhodium plated settings, Montana sapphire stones and pavé rhinestones, all creating sparkle and elegance.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 15", 1½" drop; Earrings: 1¼ by 7/8"



Princess Drop Necklace & Earrings

Graceful swirls and large glittery stones make this set a classic.  The screw back earrings echo the swirl pattern and the simpler chain on the choker makes it perfect for under a collared blouse.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace: 15" long, 2" drop; Earrings: 5/8 by ½"



Red Heart Choker & Earrings

Radiant and glowing with dark red rhinestones, this heart shaped choker and clip earring set is so romantic!  The settings are rhodium plated and the condition is superb.   Marked: Bogoff
Reference: Rezazadeh, Costume Jewelry, p. 44
Necklace: 15½ by ½"; Earrings: ½ by ½"



Smoky Topaz Navette Necklace & Earrings

Large smoky topaz navettes create a warm glow in this lovely necklace and screw-back earring set.  The glamorous look, in rhodium plated settings, has an Edwardian influence.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 1½" drop; Earrings: 1 by ¾"



Rose Aurora Borealis Pansy Pins & Earrings

This darling set of pansy pieces includes two small brooches and a pair of clip earrings.  The rhodium plated settings show off the sparkling rose aurora borealis encrusted petals and faux pearl centers of the flowers.  Marked: Bogoff
1 by 1", each piece



Lacy Edged Oval Rhinestone Set

Huge oval rhinestones are framed with delicate pavé scalloped edges in this stellar necklace and clip earring set.  The lacy edging, intricate links and pendant drop give the necklace an Edwardian flair.  Rhodium plated settings; exceptional condition. Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 16" with 2¼" drop; Earrings: 1 by  7/8"



Autumn Swirls Necklace and Earrings

An ingenious design in yummy autumn colors of jonquil (lemon yellow) and smoky topaz (root beer).  The swirling links of the necklace curl over each other and the dangle clip earrings repeat the theme, all in goldtone settings.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1955 ad for this style
Necklace: adjusts to 16½", ¾" wide; Earrings: 2 by 5/8"



Oval Link Baguette Necklace & Bracelet

An intriguing design, each link of this set is a domed oval spanned by a baguette rhinestone.  Additional sparkle is supplied by the rhinestones in the rhodium plated settings.  Very elegant in its simplicity.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 260
Necklace: 16", ¾" wide; Bracelet: 7½", ¾" wide



Spring Green Leaf Necklace & Bracelet

Fresh with the look of new spring leaves, this necklace and bracelet set features green tear drop stones and rhinestones in a goldtone setting.  The rigid sections look like branches swaying in the breeze.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 1½" drop; Bracelet: 7½ by 1"



Lucky Clover Parure

These adorable four leaf clover pieces are sure to bring you good luck!  Mix and match the necklace, brooch and clip earrings according to whim.  Rhodium plated, sparkling rhinestones and Bogoff quality.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace: 15½" long; Brooch: 1 1/8 by ¾"; Earrings: ¾"



Pastels Geometric Bracelet & Earrings

Fascinating and fresh, this set shows the excellent construction of Bogoff.  Bracelet and clip earrings are studded with pastel stones of all colors in goldtone settings.  The earrings are especially innovative the dangles are 3 dimensional with the upper part curving about the ear.  A rare find!  Marked: Bogoff
Bracelet:  7¾ by 5/8";  Earrings: 2½" long



Rose Maltese Cross Choker & Earrings

The central portion of this lovely choker looks like a small Maltese cross and the Art Deco inspired styling is mirrored in the matching clip earrings.  Note: clasp on the necklace has been replaced at some time.   Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 15", 1" drop; Earrings: 7/8 by ¾"



Light Sapphire Bar Pin & Earrings

Set in a diamond motif, this lovely brooch and screw-back earring set features light sapphire rhinestones in an octagon or emerald cut amid crystal rhinestones.  Excellent condition.   Marked:  Bogoff
Click here for the 1951 ad.
Brooch: 2 1/8 by 7/8"; Earrings: 7/8"



Lacy Edwardian Revival Necklace & Earrings

Delicate sections with open-work give this set and Edwardian styling.  Each of the segments is crowned with a large rhinestone and the necklace center has three fixed segments in a V-shape.  Screw-back earrings.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 15", 1 1/8" drop; Earrings: ¾ by ½"



Amethyst Floral Choker, Bracelet & Brooch

These rare pieces incorporate the patented floral shape stones in a delicious amethyst color.  The color variations give them a lovely glow against the goldtone settings.  Note: mild wear to the metal finish on the backs.  Marked:  Bogoff
Click here for the 1951 floral stone patent.
Necklace: 15 by ½"; Bracelet: 7¼"; Brooch: 2" diam.



White Molded Leaf Choker & Earrings

Like frosting on a wedding cake or magical moon leaves, these pieces are cool and creamy.  The pale goldtone setting also has a sprinkling of rhinestones.  The dangle earrings are clip style.  Note: there is some wear to the findings on the back and some of the glue around the leaves has yellowed.  This is reflected in the pricing.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 15", 1" wide; Earrings: 1¾ by 1¼"



Topaz Floral Necklace & Earrings

With the pale goldtone settings, this necklace and clip earring set has the warmth and glow of fall colors.  Encrusted with amber and smoky topaz rhinestones, the effect is one of subtle sparkle.  Note:  there is slight-moderate wear to the gold plating between the links and on the back (as reflected in the price).  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace:  adjusts to 16½", 1¾" drop; Earrings: 1¼" diam.



Aurora Borealis Festoon Necklace & Earrings

A very rare design for Bogoff!  Each segment of these dazzling pieces has an aurora borealis navette with pavé stones and tear drop pendant stones, all set in rhodium plated findings.  The dangle earrings are clip style.  [Note: slight aging to the tear drop stones is reflected in the price.]  Click here for the 1952 ad for similar pieces.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 2" drop; Earrings: 2 by 5/8"



Rose Floral Choker & Drop Earrings

Blooming with color, this floral necklace and screw back earring set features oodles of rose pink rhinestones in a rhodium plated setting.  One of the most popular and versatile Bogoff designs.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace:  adjusts to 16", 1" wide; Earrings: 1" long
Click here for the 1948 ad for a similar style.



Sapphire Swirl Choker & Earrings

Swirling like waves, the pavéd segments of this necklace terminate in montana sapphire oval rhinestones.  The matching clip earrings have triple swirls.  Rhodium plated settings and excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 15½", 5/8" wide; Earrings; 1" diam.



Snowflake Necklace & Earrings

Glittering with rhinestones, the necklace of this set has a pendant section resembling a snowflake.  The matching screw-back earrings have the same large teardrop shaped stone.   Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 16", 1½" drop; Earrings: 1¼" long



Amethyst Daisy Necklace & Earrings

Fresh and feminine, these daisy-like flowers have amethyst colored rhinestones in each petal.  The necklace adjusts for just the right fit and the curving earrings are clip style.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace:  adjusts to 17", ¾" wide; Earrings: 1½" long



Rose Aurora Borealis Necklace & Earrings

Simple in design, lovely in its execution and luscious in color! The luminous rose pink aurora borealis stones in this dangle necklace and clip earring set give it a special allure.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace: adjusts to 16", 1½ drop; Earrings: ¾" diam.



Pavé Loops Choker & Dangle Earrings

Links of pavé loops slink around one's neck with this delightful necklace and earring set.  Unusual for Bogoff, the dangle earrings are pierced style (not a conversion).  Note:  very slight wear to the rhodium plating between the links is reflected in the pricing.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace:  15", ¾" wide; Earrings: 1¾" long



Light Blue Feather Necklace & Earrings

This fanciful choker and clip earring set has a feather like motif in soft, light sapphire blue and crystal rhinestones.  Rhodium plated settings; mild aging to the stones in the necklace chain.  Marked: Bogoff
Necklace: 15", 2½" drop; Earrings 1¾ by 5/8"



Pink Chevron Necklace & Bracelet Set

Alluring rose pink square rhinestones are flanked by faux diamonds in rhodium plated setting. This Art Deco inspired set is heavy and beautifully constructed.  Both choker and bracelet have push clasps and safety chains, and the condition is exceptional.  Although unmarked, the Bogoff construction is unmistakable.  [Some Bogoff pieces were not marked.]
Necklace: 14½" long, 5/8" wide; Bracelet: 7" long



Ice Blue Necklace & Earrings

Delicate icy blue stones set in silvertone give this necklace and clip earring set a refreshing and cool look.  Set comes with original box and is in exceptional condition.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace; adjusts to 16½",  Earrings: 1¼" long



Floral Parure

A string of dazzling crystal flowers, or perhaps snowflakes, in rhodium plated necklace, bracelet and earrings.  What a delightful combination for a special evening.  Marked:  Bogoff [all pieces]
Necklace: 16" by ¾"; Bracelet: 6½ by ¾"; Earrings: ¾" long



Pink Clover Parure

This lucky four-leaf clover set is a blushing rose color so pretty!   As is customary for Bogoff pieces, this parure is rhodium plated and very well made.  Earrings are screw-back style.  Marked:  Bogoff
Necklace: 15½" long; Brooch: 1 1/8 by ¾"; Earrings: ¾" 




Pavé Day Lily Brooch

Such an exuberant floral motif with great dimension.  The pavé flower has large stamens with trapezoid rhinestones.  This rare design has a sister with a simple rhinestone center (see SG219).  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
2 by 2""



Peridot Navette Floral Brooch

This brooch is a fanciful and nearly abstract floral delight with peridot colored navettes and pavé rhinestones.  Rhodium plated; excellent condition.  See item SG273 for complementing earrings.  Marked: Bogoff
2½ by 2"



Dazzling Daisy Brooch

There's a lot of sparkle to this pretty floral brooch with its large navettes forming the petals and a domed center of pavé rhinestones.  Rhodium plating.  Marked: Bogoff
2 1/8 x 1 7/8"



Red Aster Brooch

This large and striking brooch is a stylized aster or daisy with radiating deep red navette rhinestone petals and pavé rhinestone center.  The outer petals have a fluted effect for added dimension.  Rhodium plated; excellent condition.  See item SG121 for this style in aurora borealis stones. Marked: Bogoff
2½" diam.



Aurora Borealis & Pearl Square Brooch

A blend between a dimensional Maltese cross and a snowflake, this large, dramatic brooch uses aurora borealis rhinestones and lustrous faux pearls in goldtone for a glowing effect.  Beautifully made and in excellent condition.  See item SG130 for the matching necklace.  Marked: Bogoff
2¼" square



Navette Wreath Brooch

Curved sections studded with rhinestones and sparkling navettes create a wreath or circle design for this lovely brooch.  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
2" diam.



Rose Aurora Borealis Super-nova Brooch

The dimensions and sparkle of this large brooch are further enhanced by the use of the rose aurora borealis rhinestones.  Very eye-catching and fun, resembling a super nova or fireworks.  Marked: Bogoff
2 5/8" diam.



Fluffy Flower Brooch

This dazzling floral brooch is of substantial weight for its size.  Each of the curling petals is pavéd with rhinestones with open-work veins.  The center is a huge eye catching stone.  Lovely condition; rhodium plated.  Marked: Bogoff
2" diam.



Light Sapphire Ruffle Brooch

Wedge shaped sections with a ruffled dimension create this round brooch with an Art Deco feel.  The peaked wedges are pavéd with rhinestones and edged with light sapphire blue octagon shaped stones.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
2" diam.



Dazzling Star Brooch

This five pointed star brooch is a dazzler, especially with the large navettes forming the points.  Rhodium plated settings and lots of sparkling rhinestones in this pretty design.  Matching earrings: SG268.  Marked: Bogoff
2 by 2"



Pastel Basket Brooch

One of the prettiest basket brooches made, this Bogoff piece has a profusion of pastel rhinestones in a variety of shapes to create the flowers.  Rose baguettes make up the graceful basket with pavé accents.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff, Pat Pend
Reference: Carroll, Costume Jewelry 202, p. 258.
2¼ by 2¼"



Lacy Triangular Brooch

Dazzling with a variety of rhinestone shapes, teardrop, navette baguette and round, this lovely brooch also has a lacy feminine look with the open styling.  Rhodium plated, excellent condition.  See item SG078 for a coordinating necklace/earring set and SG185 for earrings.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: Schiffer, Rhinestones!, p. 85
2 by 2"



Rosy Aurora Borealis Star Brooch

Unusual coloration for a star motif, this dimensional brooch uses rose, aurora borealis and rose AB rhinestones for more than a twinkle - it's dazzling!  Marked: Bogoff
2½ by 2½"



Petite Hearts Circle Brooch

A piece from a series of romantic heart jewels, this airy circle brooch is ringed with little pavéd hearts and faux pearls.  Suitable for bridal wear or everyday.  See item SG198 for the necklace and earrings.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1956 ad.
2" diam.



Amber Fireworks Brooch

A large brooch, this piece resembles a burst from fireworks in amber and crystal rhinestones.  It has a domed center reaching out to the outer swirls.  Rhodium plating, excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
2 5/8" diam



Dazzling Lacy
Square Brooch

Like a lacy doily, this radiant brooch has a ruffled effect and deep dimension.  There's lots of sparkle emanating from tear drop and baguette rhinestones and the center has a lovely peaked daisy design.  Fabulous condition.  Marked: Bogoff
2½ by 2½" [corner to corner]



Black Glass Floral Brooch

This striking brooch utilizes the patented flower stones with rhinestone accents.  The black flowers are unusual and are nicely set off in the goldtone setting.  Excellent condition, ca. 1951.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the flower stone patent.
2 1/8 by 1 3/8"



Swirls & Pearls Brooch

Graceful and flowing, this rhodium plated brooch features pavé swirls resembling twisted ribbons.  Faux pearls are nestled at the end of each swirl.  Simply elegant!  Marked: Bogoff
2" diam.



Gentle Breeze Brooch

This graceful, abstracted design evokes the feel of a gentle breeze or swirl of water, or perhaps a fern frond.  Rhinestones of various shapes provide plenty of sparkle; ca. 1945-1950.  Marked: Bogoff, Pat Pend
2½ by 1½"



Aurora Borealis Starburst Brooch

Dazzling!   This large and vibrant starburst brooch is rhodium plated with multicolor navettes with aurora borealis finishes.  Exceptional condition.  Marked:  Bogoff
2½" diam.



Dazzling Trapezoid Stone Brooch

While modest in size, this brooch is big on dazzle and dimension.  Trapezoid or keystone rhinestones radiate from the center, dipping into a trough then rising up to the central stone.  Pristine condition.  Marked: Bogoff
1½" diam.



Aqua Snowflake Brooch/Clip

Sparkling with pavé rhinestones like the delicate ice crystals of a snowflake, this lovely brooch is further enhanced with aqua stones.  The rhodium plated setting includes a small triangular clip, like that of many Bogoff earrings, which can be used to secure a scarf or string of beads.  Unmarked, but attributed to Bogoff by construction, style and findings.
1¾" diam.



Delicate Rhinestone Bow Brooch

Sweetness with a sparkle, this lovely bow brooch is a ribbon of rhinestones knotted with baguettes.  Slight damage to the end of one ribbon, mostly visible from the back, is reflected in the price.  Marked:  Bogoff, Pat Pend
1¾ by 1"



"Starflower" Brooch

As the style name suggests, this dazzling brooch is both a star and a flower.  Curved petals of sparkling baguettes and rhinestones are set in rhodium plated findings.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: Click here for the 1955 ad.
2" diam.



Lemon Yellow Heart Brooch

Such a sweet pin!  This heart shaped brooch is unusual for both the color choice and the patented molded floral stones themselves.  The lemon yellow art glass stones actually have clear tops to them and look lovely in the goldtone settings with rhinestone accents.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the flower stone patent.
1 1/8 by 1"



Super-Nova Rhinestone Brooch

Not for the timid, this large round brooch, resembling a star gone nova or a stylized flower, is a lavish display of rhinestones in the rhodium plated setting.  The open nature of the design keeps it from being too much sparkle.  Marked: Bogoff
2 5/8" diam.



Leafy "Sea Spray" Brooch

Lacy and leafy, this feminine brooch is from Bogoff's "Sea Spray" series.  Rhinestone studded leaflets and faux pearls in rhodium plated settings give this a classic look.  Marked: Bogoff
Click here to see the vintage ad for similar pieces.
2½ by 1½"



Sapphire Floral Spray Brooch

Such a feminine and graceful design, enhanced with the sapphire blue stones among the crystal rhinestones.  Rhodium plating and exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff, Pat. Pend
Reference:  Click here to see the 1948 ad for this brooch.  Click here to see the patent.
2¾ by 1½"



Lacy Diamond Shaped Brooch

Like a lacy doily or snowflake, this pretty brooch has layers of rhinestones set in rhodium plated findings.  It's a fabulous bit of sparkle, either alone or with other brooches.  Marked:  Bogoff
1¼ by 1¼"



Radiant Swish Brooch

Dazzling and large navette rhinestones radiate out from pavéd swirls in this captivating brooch.  Setting is rhodium plated.  Marked: Bogoff
2½ by 2"



Aster Rhinestone Brooch

Just a touch of sparkle, this pretty brooch uses tear-drop and baguette rhinestones to form the petals of the flower which resembles an aster or mum.  Exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
1 3/8" diam.






Topaz & Pearl Pansy Necklace

There's a warm, rich feel to this floral necklace with the goldtone settings, creamy faux pearls, and rhinestones that are smoky topaz and aurora borealis.  It's a rare color combination in lovely condition (with only minor wear to the finish on the back of the chain).  Marked: Bogoff
Adjusts to 15½"; 1" wide



Emerald Green Floral Stone Necklace

The lovely emerald green molded stones in this choker form flowers with rhinestone centers and accents. These five-petal floral stones are unique to Bogoff pieces and the emerald color is unusual.  Goldtone settings; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff Pat 161730
Reference: click here for the 1951 floral stone patent.
15½”, 1” drop



Lavish Bow Necklace

The central focus of this ravishing necklace is an articulated bow, all encrusted with crystal rhinestones.  The sparkle is enhanced by the rhodium plated settings.  Marked: Bogoff
Adjusts to 16", 2" drop



Light Blue Rhinestone Feathery Necklace

Although they may have been meant to be abstract, the elements of this feminine necklace look like feathers or delicate wings covered with rhinestones.  Rhodium plated settings; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
adjusts to 15½”, 1½” drop



'Black Magic' Necklace

This link necklace has an alluring color combination, rose and 'black diamond' (smoky gray) and a clever design.  The links curl and overlap for a sinuous continuity.  Excellent condition.  Matching pieces: SG232 (bracelet), SG267 (earrings).  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1955 ad
adjusts to 16", 5/8" wide



Webbed Rhinestone Bib Necklace

The swagged or draped rhinestones of this stunning bib necklace create a webbed or lacy effect with lots of sparkle.  It fits close to the neck, so looks great with a high or very low neckline.  A rare design for Bogoff; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
15½"; 3½" drop



Emerald Clover Necklace

You'll feel lucky whenever wearing this lovely emerald rhinestone four-leaf clover choker!  Produced in a variety of color schemes, this emerald green piece is the most dramatic of the bunch.  Marked: Bogoff
15½", 1" wide



Pink Keystone Ruffle Necklace

The use of alternating rose and colorless trapezoid (keystone) rhinestones give this design the look of charming ruffles.  Rhodium plated; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
16”; 5/8” wide



Hematite Cabochon & Rhinestone Necklace

Large oval faux hematite cabochons are nestled in a spiral of tear drop shaped rhinestones creating a floral motif.  Drama and sparkle - all in one piece!  Rhodium plated; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
16"; 2½" drop



Art Deco Revival Necklace

Invoking the angles of Art Deco styling, the links in this lovely necklace have rhinestone filled triangles peaking up to the central octagon cut rhinestone.  A rarely seen Bogoff design in exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Adjusts to 16", 5/8" wide



Red Heart Pendant Necklace

From 1948, this charming necklace is especially eye-catching with the use of deep red and crystal colorless rhinestones.  A sweet design with the heart shaped pendant.  Rhodium plated settings.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: Carroll, Costume Jewelry 202, p. 256, click here for the matching 1948 earring patent
18½", 1½" drop



Emerald Green Garland Necklace

Emerald green baguettes emphasize the swag or garland style of this elegant necklace.  With the rhodium plated setting and crystal rhinestones, it has the look of emeralds and diamonds set in platinum.  Exceptional condition. Marked: Bogoff
Reference: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 261 [shown in red]
16 by ¾"



Aurora Borealis Daisy Necklace

Like a daisy chain made of pure sparkle and joy, this lovely necklace has aurora borealis rhinestones throughout, in goldtone settings.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Adjusts to 16"; 5/8" wide



Light Sapphire Drop Necklace

Elegance with a hint of cool color best describes this necklace.  The light blue stones are lovely framed in pavé rhinestones and rhodium plated settings.    Marked:  Bogoff
Reference:  Click here to see the 1949 ad.
Adjusts to 18", 2" drop



Black Diamond Circles Necklace

The smoke-gray, or 'black diamond', rhinestones in this necklace provide a subtle and elegant sparkle.  Navettes and chatons are arrayed in a wreath-like motif in each link.  Rhodium plated; stone color was popular ca. 1955.  Marked: Bogoff
Adjusts to 18", 5/8" wide



Elegant Emerald Baguette Choker

Simply elegant!  This charming necklace is composed of numerous geometric links, each with a sparkling crystal rhinestone and a raised emerald green baguette.  Resembling platinum with diamonds and emeralds, this beauty is simple enough for day wear.  The safer, clever fold-over clasp hooks from the bottom.  Marked: Bogoff
15¼" long, 3/8" wide



Amethyst Square Rhinestones Necklace

This choker has an elegant simplicity, yet is very eye catching with those large amethyst square rhinestones.  Excellent condition.  See SG226 for the coordinating bracelet.  Marked: Bogoff
16", 2" drop



Blue Aurora Borealis Chevron Necklace

The peaked chevron links of this lovely necklace are even more stunning from the fire and ice look of the light sapphire blue aurora borealis rhinestones.  Rhodium plated; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
adjusts to 16", ½" wide



Bogoff  Rococo Choker

Regal curls of pavé rhinestones are set off by clear baguettes.  Plenty of sparkle and fit for an Edwardian princess.  Rhodium setting with articulated center drop.  Marked Bogoff
17" with 1½" drop



Black Teardrop Cabochon Necklace

Unusual teardrop shaped black cabochons create a fluid look as well as the petals of the floral pendant in this necklace.  Wear or chipping to the finish in a couple spots on the back are reflected in the price.  Marked: Bogoff
adjusts to 16", 2" drop



Aqua Clover Choker

This pretty necklace is a refreshing variation with the aqua rhinestones in rhodium plated settings.  You'll feel luckier just wearing it!  Marked: Bogoff
15½", 1" wide



Emerald Navette Swirls Necklace

This splendid choker is of superior construction and is a stand out design for Bogoff.  The pavé swirls cradle emerald emerald green rhinestone navettes, all in goldtone settings.  The oval pavéd links continue to the back, showing the high quality of this piece.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
adjusts to 15½", 1½" drop



Deep Red Garland Choker

Luscious deep red accents bring drama to this garland style necklace.  The red stones are a wonderful contrast for the sparkling rhinestones and rhodium plated setting.  Marked: Bogoff
Ref: Brown, Signed Beauties, p. 261
15", ¾" wide



Baguette Link Necklace

This radiant necklace has classis real-look styling with a baguette in the center of each rectangular link, edged with chaton rhinestones.  Rhodium plating; excellent condition.  See item SG103 for the matching bracelet.  Marked: Bogoff
Adjusts to 17", ½" wide



Pink Feather Necklace

Feathery fronds of rose pink navettes make the central section of this necklace stunning.  Rhinestone chain is alternating crystal stones and pink baguettes.  Rhodium plated setting.  Marked:  Bogoff
16", with 2½" drop



Square Aurora Borealis Necklace

Subtle rainbows emanate from this splendid necklace.  Set in goldtone, the large square aurora borealis stones are nestled among crystal stones and baguettes.  See items SG092 and SG119 for matching pieces.  [Note: slight wear to the stone finish is reflected in the price.] Marked:  Bogoff
Reference: Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry, 4th Ed., p. 318
Adjusts to 15½", 5/8 wide



Sapphire Blue Fan Choker

A luscious combination of light and dark sapphire blue stones creates a dynamic look in this choker.  The central portion is sizeable and has a fan shape.  Rhodium plated; ca. 1953 when this color combination was popular.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1952 ad [matching brooch]
15", 1½" drop



Pendant Heart Necklace

A sweetheart of a necklace, this romantic piece has a classic heart pendant with an inner heart, all sparkling in rhinestones.  The comfy chain with spring ring clasp makes this perfect to wear peaking out from under a blouse or dress collar.  Marked: Bogoff
16", 1½" drop



Light Blue Geometric Choker

The geometric, almost pleated, design of this necklace is enhanced by the soft light blue sapphire rhinestones.  Nice dimension and excellent condition. Ca. 1953.  Marked:  Bogoff
Adjusts to 15½", ½" wide



Gothic Arch Choker

Sculptured arches of pavé rhinestones create a nearly gothic look to this lovely necklace.  Rhodium plated setting with only slight wear.  Marked:  Bogoff
Adjusts to 16", 1½" drop



"Tawny Topaz" Necklace

The geometric motif of this necklace is softened by the smoky topaz stones and goldtone finish.  The rhinestones add pizzazz and this piece is in exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the ad.  Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone Jewelry, 3rd Ed, p. 352
Adjusts to 16"



Delicate Amethyst Lacy Choker

This feminine and delicate necklace is simply charming.  Rhodium plated settings in a floral motif contain crystal and amethyst rhinestones.  Note: slight discoloration to the back of the clasp.  Marked: Bogoff
Ref:  click here for the 1950 ad for similar pieces.
15½" long; 1½" drop



Square Aurora Borealis & Faux Pearl Necklace

Reflecting the sky and the sea, this lovely necklace incorporates aurora borealis rhinestones and faux pearls along with crystal rhinestones, all set in goldtone.  Note:  mild wear to the gold finish on the back and to the surface of the AB stones, seen under a loupe.  Condition is appropriate for its age.  See item SG170 for the matching brooch.  Marked:  Bogoff
Click here for the 1956 ad.
16" long; ½" wide



Fiery Marquise Drop Choker

The large stones in this piece give it dazzle and fire.  Rhodium plated settings and a variety of stone sizes and shapes.  Fold over clasp.  Marked:  Bogoff
15½" long, 1½" drop



Blue Gothic Arch Necklace

Stunningly simple, the open curves of this design resemble Gothic architecture or a spider web.  The blue rhinestones provide extra pizzazz in the rhodium plated settings.  Marked: Bogoff
Adjusts to 16", 1½" drop



Pearl Points Necklace

Delicate points with simulated pearls and rhinestones make this lovely choker perfect for a bride.  In superb condition, the setting is rhodium plated.  Marked:  Bogoff
Adjusts to 15½"; ½" wide






Aqua Dangle Earrings

These shoulder duster dangle clip earrings are unusual for Bogoff.  The real-look design features aqua oval rhinestones and crystal rhinestone accents.  Rhodium plated settings; excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
2½ by ¾"



Peridot Navette Swirl Earrings

Gracefully curving, the swirl of these clip earrings ends with a large peridot navette rhinestone and harmonizing tear drop stone.  Rhodium plated; excellent condition.  See item SG272 for companion brooch.  Marked: Bogoff
1 1/8 by 5/8"



'Parisienne' Dangle Earrings

These dangle clip earrings have a light lacy look resembling a laurel wreath created by the spray of navette rhinestones.  Excellent condition and a rarely seen design.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1953 ad
2¼ by 1¼"



'Black Magic' Dangle Earrings

Curvy and fun, these long dangle clip earrings feature the rose and smoke ('black diamond') rhinestones from the Black Magic series.  The dangle earrings are a rarity for Bogoff.  See items SG232 and SG264 for matching pieces.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1955 ad
2 by ½"



Navette Rhinestone Scroll Earrings

These stunning screw-back earrings feature a large navette rhinestone topped with an elegant scroll design.  Exceptional condition; rhodium plated.  See item SG193 for the matching brooch.  Marked: Bogoff
1 by 5/8"



Huge Smoky Topaz Earrings

Not for the timid, each of these clip earrings is large enough to be a brooch!  Goldtone settings enhance the large square smoky topaz stones and crystal rhinestones.  They're amazingly wearable despite their size.  Marked: Bogoff
1 7/8" diam.



Pavé Rhinestone Triple Leaf Earrings

These rhinestone encrusted clip earrings are especially lovely when worn.  The fanned out leaves follow the curve of the ear in an upward sweep.  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
1¼ by 1¼"



'Blues in the Night' Dangle Earrings

These lovely screw-back earrings have one chevron link in the dangle for a moderate amount of dazzle. The light and dark sapphire blue octagon stones are set in opposing chevrons creating a box-like form.  See item SG234 for the matching bracelet.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1953 ad.
1¾ by ½"



Triple Swirl Tear Drop Rhinestone Earrings

These pretty clip earrings incorporate loops or swirls with tear drop shaped rhinestones for a star effect.  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
1 by 1"



'Blues in the Night' Long Dangle Earrings

These extra long dangle clip earrings are rarely seen and really show off the clever style and Mediterranean blues of this fabulous design. The light and dark sapphire blue octagon stones are set in three sets of opposing chevrons creating box-like forms.  See item SG234 for the matching bracelet.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1953 ad.
2¾ by ½"



Teardrop Rhinestone Earrings

These alluring clip earrings have a lyrical feel to them as they combine pavé sections with teardrop stones.  They may be stylized hearts, leaves or just swirls - and they're delightful.  Rhodium plating. These are new-old stock, so have never been worn.  Marked: Bogoff
1¼ by 5/8"



Snowflake Earrings

Radiant crystal rhinestones bedeck these snowflake-like earrings.  Rhodium plated with only slight wear to metal on back.  Screw-backs.  Marked:  Bogoff
1" by 1"



Pastel Crescent Earrings

A delightful use of pastel octagon stones in a geometric design, these clip earrings are stunning on the ear.  This is a rare style for Bogoff.  Mild wear on the back to the goldtone finish.  Marked: Bogoff
1¾ by ½"



Peridot Leaf Dangle Earrings

These cascading clip earrings look like spring green (peridot) leaves that move with you as if swaying in the breeze.  Settings are rhodium plated; ca. 1953.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here and here for the ads of this design line.
2 by 5/8"



Aurora Borealis Daisy Earrings

Dazzling floral motif clip earrings have petals filled with aurora borealis rhinestones, all in goldtone settings.  Exceptional condition.  Unmarked; attributed by construction, style and similar necklace, SG213.
1¼ by 1¼"



Upward Swirling Earrings

Beguiling! The way these rare clip earrings wind up the ear is inspired, and the teardrop dangle adds an extra flirtatious air.  Rhodium plated; exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
2½ by ¾”



Hematite Cabochon Dangle Earrings

Delicious and sassy, these dangling clip earrings alternate sparkling rhinestones with simulated hematite cabochons.  A classic look for a little black dress!   Marked:  Bogoff
2 by ¾"



Red Baguette Flower Earrings

Resembling a mum or daisy type flower, these stunning clip earrings are dimensional and full of sparkle.  The red baguettes radiate out from the domed pavé center.  Rhodium plated and in exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
1" diam.



Basket Weave Rhinestone Earrings

Overlapping strips of chatons and octagon rhinestones create an open basket weave pattern in these beguiling clip earrings.  Rhodium plating; slight aging to the octagon stones.  These are new-old stock, so have never been worn.  Marked: Bogoff
1 by ¾"



Aqua Crescent Earrings

Curving along (and up) the ear, these luscious clip earrings are a glittering delight of aqua rhinestones!  Settings are rhodium plated.   Marked:  Bogoff
Reference: Click here to see the 1948 patent.
1 3/8 by ¾"



Linked Loops Dangle Earrings

Linked loops cascade gracefully in these dangle clip earrings.  They're all sparkling with rhinestones in rhodium plated settings.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference:  click here for the 1954 ad
2 by ½"



Pastel & Pearls Earrings

The sharp geometry of the pastel rhinestones is softened by the curved design and luminous faux pearls in these bewitching clip earrings.  Settings are goldtone; exceptional condition.  Marked: Bogoff
1½ by 1"



Pear & Baguette Rhinestone Earrings

These enchanting clip earrings feature dazzling large pear shaped stones with a fringe of baguettes.  With their rhodium plated settings, they have the look of platinum and diamonds.  Excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
7/8 by 7/8"



Oval Pearl & Rhinestone Earrings

Encrusted with creamy simulated pearls and rhinestones, these lovely clip earrings are set in rhodium plated findings.  The earrings are domed and would work well with any of the pearl/rhinestone Bogoff necklaces.  Exceptional condition.  Marked:  Bogoff
1¼ by 1"



Sapphire Quatrefoil Earrings

The quatrefoil design of these clip earrings is lovely in joining pavé ribbons with sapphire blue octagon rhinestones.  Rhodium plated, excellent condition.  Marked: Bogoff
1¼ by 1¼"



Square Faux Diamond Earrings

Architectural in style and very glamorous, these square clip earrings have rhinestones edging the large, raised square crystal rhinestones.  Simply elegant!  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the ad with this style in topaz
¾ by ¾"



Square Aurora Borealis Dangle Earrings

Alive with color, these enchanting screw back earrings feature square aurora borealis stones with rhinestone accents, all in goldtone settings.  Slight wear to connector rings is reflected in the price.  See items SG119 and SG138  for matching pieces.  Marked:  Bogoff
Reference: Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry, 4th Ed., p. 318
1¾ by ¾"



Crystal Baguette Earrings

Dazzling flower or starburst clip earrings feature baguettes and a mound of pavé stones.  A classic!  Rhodium plated.  Marked:  Bogoff
1" diameter



Lacy Teardrop Rhinestone Earrings

These delicate and charming screw-back earrings are very Edwardian in their styling.  They feature swirls with a central teardrop rhinestone and coordinate with several other pieces (see brooch SG183 and necklace SG074).  Marked: Bogoff
1 by ¾"



Pastel & Pearl Earrings

Luscious creamy simulated pearls are nested among pastel colored octagon cut stones in these clip earrings.  Colors and style are nicely set off in goldstone settings.  Marked:  Bogoff
1¼ by 1¼"



Tri-swirl Earrings

Charming and feminine, these clip earrings will work for day or evening wear.  Rhodium plated setting has pavé and oval stones, all nestled in three swirls.  Marked:  Bogoff
1 by 1"





Deep Red Oval Rhinestones Bracelet

Glowing with a depth and intensity not well shown in the images, this glorious bracelet nestles the deep red stones among sparkling crystal rhinestones.   Marked:  Bogoff, Pat. Pend.
Reference: Click here to see the 1947 patent.
7 by ½"



Black Diamond Circles Bracelet

Subtle sparkle is the result of this lovely combination of smoke or 'black diamond' navettes and crystal rhinestones, all in silvertone settings.  See items SG218 and SG229 for matching pieces.  Marked: Bogoff
6½ by 5/8"



'Blues in the Night' Link Bracelet

As architectural and geometric as this style is, this link bracelet still drapes nicely about the wrist.  The light and dark sapphire blue octagon stones are set in opposing chevrons creating a box-like form. See SG233 and SG235 for matching earrings.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1953 ad.
7½ by ½"



'Black Magic' Link Bracelet

Such an interesting color scheme: black diamond (smoky gray) and rose navette rhinestones. The overlapping links connect cleverly with their alluring swirls.  The push clasp nearly disappears from view.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1955 ad
7¼ by ¾"



Square Aurora Borealis Bracelet

Set in goldtone, the square and baguette aurora borealis stones emit an array of colors from this delectable bracelet.  A sprinkling of crystal rhinestones completes the look.  See items SG138 and SG092 for matching pieces.  Marked:  Bogoff
Reference: Dolan, Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry, 4th Ed., p. 318
7¼" long, ¾" wide



Wide Rectangular Link Bracelet

Bold and dazzling, this link bracelet features large octagon (emerald) cut stones surrounded by round rhinestones.  The construction of this exceptional piece is substantial with rhodium plating and a safety chain.  See item SG224 for the matching necklace.  Marked:  Bogoff
Click here to see the patent for a similar piece from 1947.
7 by 1¼"



Amethyst Square Rhinestone Bracelet

This stunning bracelet has a geometric motif with the use of large and small square amethyst colored rhinestones.  The rhinestone edged pointed links give it the look of lace from a distance.  Coordinating necklace: SG249.  Marked: Bogoff
7¼ by 1"



Ocean Blue & Pearl Bracelet

This lovely link bracelet combines luminous faux pearls and rhinestones with large blue aurora borealis navettes.  The combination evokes all the color and sparkle of the ocean.  Although unmarked, the construction and design is typical for Bogoff pieces which weren't always marked.  Mild wear to the back of the clasp, otherwise excellent condition.
7½ by ½"



Amethyst Rhinestone Link Bracelet

The links of this pretty bracelet resemble flowers with four petals of amethyst rhinestones and crystal stone centers.  Or, it can be viewed as a simple quatrefoil design.  Either way, it a lovely piece, ca. 1946, and the clasp cleverly hides inside the last link.  Marked: Bogoff
Reference: click here for the 1946 ad with similar pieces
7 by ½"



Baguette Chevron Bracelet

The elegance of the 'real look' is found in this pretty bracelet.  Rhodium plated with V-shaped links of sparkling baguette rhinestones.  Quality is denoted by the hidden push clasp and safety chain.  Marked: Bogoff
6¾ by ½"



Smoke "Marquesa" Bracelet

A line of "black diamond" or smoke colored navettes marches down the center of this lovely link bracelet.  The pavé diamond shaped sections resemble stylized leaves. Click here for the 1956 ad.  Marked:  Bogoff
7¼ by ¾"




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