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New Additions

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Look what just dropped into Emerald City !

This page will help you find the latest offerings of Emerald CitySo, please check back frequently to see the latest Designer jewels and Unsigned beauties. 

Updated:   Aug 5, 2018

Bogoff Flamboyant Bow Brooch Bogoff Elegant Orchid Brooch & Earrings Boucher Swirls & Dangles Brooch

Coro Fuchsia Moonglow Grapes Parure


Albion Sapphire Floral Necklace

ORA Aqua Striped Fan Brooch

Matisse Green 'Waltz' Necklace

Enameled Paddle-wheel Boat Brooch

Danecraft Daffodil Brooch Danecraft Daffodil Panel Bracelet Napier Silvertone Grapes Brooch & Earrings Lea Stein Gray 'Attila' Cat Brooch



Previous update


Bogoff Aqua Teardrop Floral Necklace & Earrings Bogoff Glamorous Wide Rhinestone Bracelet CoroCraft Swirled Heart Necklace

Coro Green Moonglow Grapes Fur Clip


Boucher Ruby Rosette Retro Moderne Brooch

Cini Sterling Tall Basket Brooch

Lea Stein Purple 'Gomina' Brooch & Earrings

Ora Ruby Art Deco Style Earrings

Matisse Teal Swirl Necklace Viking Craft Floppy Bow Brooch Viking Craft  Bleeding Hearts Necklace Fuchsia Moonglow Grapes Fur Clip



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